Bonsai Tree

1. Bonsai Gallery

bonsai trees
The Gallery :- Bonsai bonsai trees is made of two Japanese word - 'bon' meaning small pot and 'sai' meaning plant. When you grow a tree in a small pot, it's growth will reduce. That's is why, a good bonsai should look a scaled down structure of a tree. Bonsai tree development is a Art and not Horticulture. Developing bonsai tree is very easy, but you require some imagination and patience. It's like developing tree in a limited space. If proper care is taken, then the life of bonsai tree is almost equal to the natural tree. Remember that if you control the growth of the roots and sometime trim the tip of the plant, you can develop a bonsai tree. Do not allow the wild growth of tree and then cutting it to give shape of a bonsai tree.

Bonsai is a good hobby, which can be used as a small scale business, if need arise.
Most of the bonsai trees shown here and in gallery trees have been developed in our home and I am sure that after going through the contents you will be able to develop your own bonsai trees..

2. Material for Bonsai Tree

bonsai plants plants Tools required for bonsai tree :- For developing a good collection of bonsai you require various tools, which are available at horticulture stores. We recommend only a few Basic tools to start. Once you develop this hobby and comfortable you may procure all fine and specific tools for bonsai. More ..material for bonsai tree .....

3. Bonsai Trees

trees development
Plants suitable for ..
Their are a lots of tree, which can be developed as bonsai tree. However please select only those trees which has got a long life, small flowers and fruit.
Select a plant, which has got lots of leaves and grows in multi-direction.
We have mentioned a few of them (which are easily available) in our 'Plants suitable for bonsai tree' .. list.

4. Bonsai Tree Development

tree Starting a new - Tree development
A new bonsai can be started in following steps -

1) Selection of Bonsai Pot - Select a suitable pot according to size of the tree and bonsai style and then...

2) Soil Preparation - A good soil is the life line of bonsai development. Take some sweet earth and mix ...

3) Plant - You can develop a new bonsai tree from-
Seed , Branch Cutting , Grafting , Layering etc.. -- Since these plants are newly grown therefore it will require lot of time (few years), before you can give it a Bonsai look. It's a good idea to search for a suitable bonsai tree in ...

4) Planting in a Pot - Steps for planting in a pot.

Please go to this section for details

5. Bonsai Tree Care

maintenance of trees Maintenance and care of bonsai tree
Once you have started a bonsai tree development, it's very important to maintain. As you know, developing a new tree (against a lost / killed bonsai) will be very disappointing and time consuming. Do the following for maintenance a healthy bonsai tree. :-

1) Re-potting -

It's required because - the pot size is not sufficient for the developed bonsai / pot got damaged / roots are required to be trimmed / a new pot is required to enhance the look of bonsai.
2) Trimming - This is a essential part of bonsai development to control the excess growth and to give the tree a suitable style.
3) Watering - A controlled watering is essential for healthy growth.
4) Manuring - Plants should be provided proper food. Please note that by starving a plant or by excessive feeding, you cannot develop a good and healthy Bonsai tree
Please go to Bonsai trees development section for details

6. Bonsai Trees Style

tree  development Styles
There is no fix style for bonsai tree development. Let your imagine go wild and capture the style and shape from the nature. However I recommend only five style :-

1) Straight up
2) Up-side down
3) Parallel bar
4) Forest
5) Cascade

These bonsai trees development styles are most common and suits all the trees. However you have to decide a style when the tree is young and do the bonsai tree development accordingly. Once the tree's branches become old and hard, it is difficult.Read details about bonsai tree style technique

bonsai trees development

7. Bonsai Tree Diseases

trees diseases

Diseases of bonsai tree

Since bonsai tree are potted in a pot and generally kept in a safe place, therefore they are less susceptible to disease. However some time you may find ants, bugs, caterpillars, black spot etc. on your plant. Treat it immediately with common medicine like pesticide, Dietz, Malathion etc. Wash your plant with a very diluted solution. You may take advice from your horticulture store for this purpose. Never use a very strong medicine used for curing big trees or to cure a farmer's field. Bonsai trees are to be treated with diluted medicine as child. Occasionally washing of trees with diluted solution is an important part of bonsai tree development.

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