Material for Bonsai Tree

For developing a good collection of Bonsai you require various bonsai tools & bonsai material, which are available at various horticulture stores. We recommend only a few basic tools for bonsai. Once you develop this hobby and comfortable you may procure all fine and specific bonsai tools.

Bonsai Tools

1. Pot :(Fig-A)Bonsai pots are available in Various shape, colour and size. The selection of pot depends upon the tree. You can start with any pot of your taste. As the plant grows, and you find that the pot is to be change for better look, you can change the pot during re-potting.
2. Tools :(Fig-B & C)
a. Soil Scoop : For collection and applying the soil.
b. Root Cutter : Procure a Spherical shape Cutter for this purpose.
c. Wire Cutters : A wire cutter is required for removing wires from the plant.
d. Wire Pliers :For removing the wire.
e. Branch Cutter: This is required for cutting the branches. Purchase a sharp Concave Branch Cutter for cutting the branches without damaging them.
f. Scissor :
g. Water can :
i. Wire Mesh :
j. Pair of Gloves :
k. Common gardening tools:

Bonsai Tools 3. Manure:
All bonsai fertilizer are having a basic combination of Nitrogenous for general tree growth, Phosphorus for fruit and bud development, and Potassium for increasing adaptability of the bonsai during different seasons.

Bonsai Tools - bonsai materials

bonsai materials bonsai materials Bonsai
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