Growing Bonsai Style

Growing Bonsai Style :

growing bonsai style growing bonsai style growing bonsai style There is no fix rule for growing bonsai style. All the bonsai lovers develop the bonsai as per their liking. Let your imagine go wild and capture the style and shape from the nature. However I recommend only five bonsai style :-
1) Straight up
2) Up-side down
growing growing bonsai growing bonsai bonsai style 3) Parallel bar
4) Forest
5) Cascade

bonsai style
These bonsai styles styles are most common for growing bonsai and suits all the types of trees. However you have to decide a bonsai style when the tree is young and do the bonsai development accordingly. Once the tree's branches become old and hard, it is difficult to form it.

bonsai style style Do not worry much about the growing bonsai style and try to develop a good look. Photographs provided here is for a guidance. Either it will fall into some style or else you will discover a new bonsai style. Start bonsai development with a new growing bonsai style tree style