'Modeling in Clay Head Sculptures'

1. Decide the size of the Clay Head. Since these types are model are heavy
in weight there fore you are required to have a inner support.
Refer Fig-A & Fig-B. Select any one depending upon your size/shape of clay model.

2. Cover the upper portion with clay (giving it a shape of face).(FIG-C)

3. Mark the portion of eyes, nose, mouth etc. with the help of a niddle.(FIG-c)

4. Remove some clay from the area marked for eyes (to fit the eye ball
in this cavity). Add some extra clay (shown with dark brown in figure) for
eye brow, cheaks, ears etc.(FIG-D)
5. Remove some clay from neck area to make chin. From side, your work
should look like as per Fig-E.

6. Make a small ball of clay (as a eye ball) and place in the eye
cavity.(FIG-F & G)

7. Make thin strip of clay and place around the eyes.(FIG-H)

     FIG- A           FIG- B          FIG- C         FIG- D          FIG- E

Modeling in Clay Head Sculptures Modeling in Clay Head Sculptures Modeling in Clay Head Sculptures

8. Now smooth the edges with the help of wooden spatula / fingers to give it a good look.(FIG-I)
9. Make a slit for mouth and remove some clay.

10. Make a thin strip of clay and place around mouth and finish it with the help of wooden spatula.
11. For making Hairs-
                     Take one sheet of NEWS paper and tear it into small pieces ( 3 cm * 3 cm). Put into a mug filled with water for one day. Mix these pieces of NEWS paper with potter's clay. Use this mixture for making Hairs. This will give you a rough curly hair look.
12. Now finish other parts of body (ears, etc.) by adding / removing clay and giving a natural look.
13. Paint the Model.
14. Apply varnish for shine and durability.
With slight practice and imagination, you will be able to make good clay head sculptures.
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         FIG- F               FIG- G                  FIG- H             FIG- I

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