Own Start Ecommerce Site

Own Start Ecommerce Site

Tips to own start Ecommerce Site

35 Tips For Own Start Ecommerce Sites

If you are planning to start your own eCommerce site to sell your product, without spending a lot of money on a professional then read the following -

own start ecommerce site tip set i - ' Name selection'

1. The Domain name of the site should be matching with your company or product name.
2. Have your own name registered, than using a free sub-domain name (e.g if you are having a site of commerce then www.ecommerce.com is much better than
3. Select a Server, whose average up time is more than 98%.

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own start ecommerce site tip set ii - ' Site basic layout'

4. Make sure that loading time of your site is low or average.
5. Optimize between graphics and text to make your site load fast and look impressive.
6. A site with lot of graphics take more time is loading, but without graphics the site looks
dull and does not impress customer at first look. 7. Your site should be easy to navigate and user friendly.
own start ecommerce site tip set iii - ' Site Content - about your company '

8. Have a ' About us page' on site
9. The Physical address and phone no must be clearly visible. Do not force your customer to contact you only through mail
10. Your e-mail address should be hyperlinked for direct sending of mail
11. Give more emphasis on toll free no (if you have one).
12. Display your policy clearly in simple language

own start ecommerce site tip set iv - ' Site Content - about Product '

13. Define the product in various categories. Categories should be easily understandable.
14. Use Actual photos of your product. Using a 'paint shop' made photo does not impress.
15. Quality of image should be good and provide an option for image enlargement.
16. State the specifications in a sequence that points of common people interest come first. Professional will read the complete specifications but general people will only read first few lines.
17. Provide a menu so that different products can be compared easily.
18. Display the MRP in various currency (e.g. Rs. $ etc.).
19. Use shopping cart system to allow your customer to select more than one product at a time. Read ecommerce shopping for more details.

own start ecommerce site tip set v - ' Site Content - about Terms'

20. Display the delivery schedule in various forms (e.g. 7 days in India, 15 days in UK etc.)
21. The shipping charges should be stated separately ( lump sum shipment charges is not appreciated)
22. Any taxes or duties should be mentioned.
23. Define your return policy in clear and bold terms.

own start ecommerce site tip set vi - ' Site Content - about Payment'

24. Give at-least 3-4 payment options e.g. Credit cards, pay pal, cheque etc.
25. Provide an option for different payment authority and shipping address, because many customers are not having their own credit card of pay pal.
26. During payment processing give reasonable freedom to customer to return to previous page.
27. Before the check out clearly mention the total payment. If a customer finds a difference afterward he will not return to your site in future.
28. Before final check out show your customer a summery to feel him confident.

own start ecommerce site tip set vii - ' Site Content - Product support'

29. Mention your customer care phone number or address in your site (if you have one).
30. After sale follow up at least once after few days for his feed back. Your customer will feel delighted.
31. Don't forget to reply to your customer in a timely manner.

own start ecommerce site tip set viii - ' General'

32. Have interaction through e-mail ( not too frequently also ) to build trust.
33. If you have any discount policy, then let him know.
34. Do not hide any critical information. In long terms this does not work.

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The final tip No 35 is that an 'own start ecommerce site' maturity takes time ( 6 months to 1 year) keep patience . Read more on ecommerce
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