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The Ecommerce Myth

Ecommerce is growing rapidly. Besides the big players such as and Buy. com, small businesses realize that they can also increase their sales revenues by using the Internet. With this realization, more and more online store outlet are opened by the small business segment.

The goal of this article is to increase the ecommerce myth awareness and to show you how to deal with the myth. The definition of the ecommerce myth is: Open your online store outlet and customers will automatically come

Online ecommerce

Demystifying the Myth
Using an online store outlet to sell your products and services has great potential. Through the website of your online store outlet, the entire world can purchase products and services from you. They no longer have to physically come to your store for purchases.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the number of websites has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, this means that the chances of potential buyers finding your website have decreased and that competition is fierce. Visitors can stop by your competitor and perform price comparisons in a manner of minutes and from the comfort of their home.

Consider this and become aware of the ecommerce myth. Opening your online store outlet is not enough for making it a success. A key factor to the success of your ecommerce ventures is to generate traffic to your website; you need web site visitors in order to make sales through your online store outlet.

You can take several steps to create website traffic. The following list contains a summary of popular methods to increase website traffic.

Online directories. List your site at online directories such as and Internet users use these to find companies. If you are not listed, they will not find you.

Link exchange. Exchange links with your partners and with sites containing content relevant to your business. Hint: You can find out who links to your competitors by performing a search on for link:

Keyword optimization. Find your niche keywords used by your visitors to find your online store outlet using the search engines. Once identified, make sure they can be found on your web page. Add them to your website's title, meta tags, and heading tags. You can use online tools such as to find your niche keywords.

Pay-Per-Click advertisements. Sign up for pay-per-click advertisements and optimize these advertisements using your niche keywords. offers an Adwords program that is popular and easy to use.

Be aware of the ecommerce myth and take appropriate action to increase the success chances of your online store outlet. Start monitoring your website traffic. Be patient and work on all the methods mentioned in this article on a regular basis.

About the Author

Frank Voorburg is an ecommerce consultant and owner of Feaser LLC.

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