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Ecommerce - Boost Your Business ROI
Did you know that over 90% of all online orders are processed by credit cards and that web sites that offer customers the ability to pay with credit cards can achieve up to 300% more sales than those that do not? It's a fact. Not only do...

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The Lowdown on Ecommerce Ecommerce is truly the most confusing aspect of purchasing web design services. This is unfortunate since most (if not all) businesses online would like to provide their customers and potential customers with easy...

Why VPS is Perfect for eCommerce Hosting
I want to preface this little article with this fact: The optimal environment for an ecommerce website is a dedicated server. Nothing else offers you the level of control, security, and customizability as a dedicated web appliance for the...

Advertising Your eCommerce Web Site

8 Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

Once you�ve launched your eCommerce web site, you�ll need to show it off to the online world. Whether you�re paying someone to submit your site to all the major and minor search engines and directories, it�s still up to you to continually advertise your eCommerce site in order to keep attracting business.

Many online business owners will tell you that within six to nine months of your launch date you�ll start seeing increased orders for your products. However here are 8 things you can do to lure people to your site now!

1.Advertise on . This entry will only last for 10 days and you must submit to one city and category at a time. You can include photos and/or advanced HTML in your ad.
2.Write a press release and send out for free to the following sites: [this one has been around for several years]; and Paid submissions will get you more views, quicker listings in the search engines, and the ability to post photos and keep track of your statistics.
3.Submit your site[s] to [You�ll discover loads of directories here, from the highly specialized to the mainstream. Many of the sites have ratings; indicate whether they�re accepting new submissions, and if there�s a fee for submitting].
4.Search engine positioning. When advertising your eCommerce site, always have the following information on hand: A. Your Web site title. This should be approximately 7-12 words. B. Description. Have 3 different descriptions of


varying lengths. 15 words, 25 words, 100 words. Have them summarize the essence of your site. C. Keywords. 10 � 50 of your most important keywords arranged in order of importance. Again, some online directories will allow you to contribute more keywords than others.
5.Write articles about your products/service. Be an online expert. What makes your site so unique from the thousands of others in your chosen category? Is it your customized service? Your low prices? Your high quality? Don�t over promote your product, but concentrate on what will help others. It�s highly recommended you include at least two or three testimonials.
6.Exchange links with other sites that have quality information and are related to your field in some way. For example, I sell a lot of soap so I link with mostly gift basket, crafting and candle sites.
7.Free classifieds. These can sometimes get you listed in the search engines, but don�t expect too much response from them.
8.Offer a freebie. For example, if you have an eBook for sale, you won�t give the entire book away, but having a chapter or two online will increase interest � and sales. If you make or sell a product, offer a free sample with a paid order. Or free shipping on sales over a certain amount.

Follow one or more of these helpful tips and watch your online business bloom!

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