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Developing a Winning Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
Developing a Winning Ecommerce Marketing Strategy One bright spot on the economic horizons around the world seems to be continued consumer spending and ecommerce is clearly a part of this, with sales estimated to be in excess of $9.9 Billion in...

Peter Drucker believes ecommerce will be to the Information Revolution what the railroads were to the Industrial Revolution.* To oversimplify, the Industrial Revolution was a time in which tools were produced that replaced people in the manufacture...

Eyes on your eCommerce Website
Copyright 2005 Richard Keir In a recent article I talked about Google AdSense placement based on eye-tracking research. However, research by The Poynter Institute, Eyetools and the Estlow Center for Journalism and New Media has a lot to say about...

For Your ECommerce Success
Have you always dream of owning your own Business and working in the comfort of your own home ? As human we all want to succeed. We all want the best from life. We all want to be wealthy, to have a great house, to travel around the globe. A great...

VictoryVisions >> Your one stop to build a successfull ecommerce website
Are you looking for a online presence for your shop? Are you looking for improving your present ecommerce site? Are you bored with your existing site design and layout? Victoryvisions is your one stop place where you can find professionals...

Ecommerce Turnkey Sites

Turnkey host sites normally offer the complete package, which normally includes hosting as well as products. Turnkey means an already stocked business, depending on the store it might be stocked with from 10 products to thousands.

These hosts usually charge a setup fee to create your store. A domain name may or may not be included in the price and there is usually a monthly fee for maintaining your store.

Some stores provide you with products at a base price and allow you to add your own markup. Others charge a fee for each product sold while others simply pay you a commission off each item sold. You choose what best suits you, but you will make the largest profit from those that you can markup yourself.

Do not be lured buy quick promises of up to 50% commission. Often times months down the line you are still waiting on your first cheque as you have not sold anything. Sometime these products are very expensive or of such a quality that your customers will not buy.

Another thing some hosts fail to tell is that you have to promote the store yourself. So


get ready, in addition to paying a monthly fee, you will have to start driving traffic to your website. This can prove costly but there are ways around it, such as through site optimization and site submissions.

One of the greatest things about these turnkey hosting packages however is that you do not need to hold inventory. All your products are pre-stocked and for some hosts, you do not even need to worry about accepting payment. Everything is taken care of, these services are usually all included in the monthly fee. This does seem to make your transition into the world of ecommerce a little easier but does not guarantee you the best monetary remuneration.

So the choice of E-Commerce Turnkey host is yours, only you and your business idea will determine the best host for you.

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