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The number one ecommerce solution you need to be a success on the Web is learning to write for the internet. You will be able to capture your visitors attention and hold it, otherwise it's click and off to another site. You need to be able to put yourself in your visitors shoes. What do they need to solve a problem or what are the benefits they will get. To succeed on the Web you need to learn how to write for the Web.

This is my review of, "Make Your Words Sell". An e-book that is written by Joe Robson and Dr Ken Evoy. Let's cut to the chase, I highly recommend this book to you. Let me tell you why. Make Your Words Sell (MYWS) is a "must read" books for anyone entering into the internet business area. Robson and Evoy ecommerce solution gives the reader all that is necessary to write winning copy that bring your visitors to your site, rivet them and make the sale. This is a book that will take you in a real way through the changes that you have to make to write copy for an online business. You're not a writer! You may not be a James Patterson, or Danielle Steele but You Can Be a Creative Writer and this book will show you how. You will become knowledgeable at what it takes to be an internet copy-writer. Learn that writing is done with clarity, honesty and from the visitors perspective. You will know the reasons why and why not. Remember, words sell, not graphics. You will learn that benefits to the user is important. By using this e-book you will think like an internet business-person. What benefits will they derive from this, what problems will you be solving for them. Yes, you will be an internet writing expert. By the you will know what it takes and how to write convincing copywriting that will sell your product. With Make Your Words Sell you also get 3 other volumes that are equally awesome. These are great ecommerce solutions. Make Your Words Sell for Online Store Make Your Words Sell for Email Words that trigger Automatic Responses I have re-read this book several times and each time I see something new that I missed before. I have the e-book, Automatic Responses at my side all the time. It is rare that it doesn't give me some great phrases to use to convince or to get attention. Do you want a perfect ecommerce solution, you need to order Make Your Words Sell ( ). You will become an expert at internet copywriting and sell more of your products. For $29.95 it can't be beat and you will be a winner on the internet.

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