Virtual Memory Game for All

Virtual Memory Game for All Funny Group Games

Virtual Memory Game for All Funny Group Games Virtual Memory Game for All Funny Group Games

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Name: Virtual Memory Game for All

a) Material Required:

1. At least 20 different articles like :-
Toy, Pencil, Rubber, News Paper, Spectacles, Socks, Handkerchief, Banana etc. (for kids memory game You may use any chart already available with you with various articles)
2. Pencil & 3. Pen

b) Rules:

funny games 1. Any participant found writing during the first 30 seconds (the time given to memories the items) will be disqualified.
2. Use of mobile phones are not allowed during the game
3. Spelling mistake will not be taken as mistake
4. the player who has already played the game should not be allowed to mix with players who has not played.
5. There is no sequence for writing the answer.

c) Description of Game:

1. Keep all the articles one place in a separate room
2. Ask 4-6 participants to move to the room and watch the items for 30 seconds and memorize the items.
3. Now ask them to move to other room (where pencil and paper is already kept) and write the items from their memory
4. Collect the paper after 2 minutes and ask then to go to separate place, so that they do not disclose the list.
5. Now ask next 4-6 persons to move to the items room and repeat the step.
6. Player with max correct answer is 'kids memory games' winner fun games

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