stuffed soft toys animals

stuffed soft toys animals stuffed soft toys animals

stuffed soft toys animals

     Stuffed soft toys animals making is a good hobby and it does not require any special tool. Scissors, needle, measuring tape etc, which are generally available in all the houses, are good enough.

    You will be required to procure only the variety of cloth, eyes of model, face for some model and stuffing cotton (these things are available in all craft and general store.).

    For few of these soft toys animals we have provided the details for making them.
   Please click on the link provided on photo.

The details provided are of actual size template, so that you can make these with your eyes closed.
Few more details will be added in future

Soft Toys
Stuffed Soft toy is a toy made from a fabric material and filled with a soft stuffing material.

Soft Toys are used for playing by small kids. Soft Toys are also used as decorative item.
It's very easy to make these toys at home. Making stuffed soft toys is a good hobby and at the same time you may earn Rs 4000/= to 5000/= in a month by spending 2-3 hours in a day.

There are lots of books and website providing details about Stuffed soft toys animals.

We have provided a few tips here to enable you to start soft toys making as a hobby.
Please select the soft toys from the screen for free templates of Stuffed soft toys animals