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soft stuffed animals toys
soft stuffed animals toys

Soft Stuffed Animals Toys

Pieces Required for Stuffed Toy -
    Down load the template for the sizes of the pieces and cut the following quantity. You may change the color of the toy as per your desire.

i) P1 - 1 no          ii) P2- 1 no
iii) P3 - 1 no        iv) P4 - 1 no Dark Brown
v) P5 - 1 no              vi) P6 - 1 no
vii) P7 - 2 nos          viii) P8 - 2 nos Dark Brown
ix) P9 - 4 no                x) P10 - 2 nos
xi) P11 - 1 no             xii) P12 - 1 no Dark Brown
xiii) P13 - 1 no Dark Brown
xiv) Purchase eyes, nose (as per your stuffed animal selected ) and 4 pieces (3*3 cm) Welco (sticking cloth) from any craft shop
Steps for making Soft stuffed animals Toys     a) Stitch P1 with P3 along with blue line. Now stitch P2 with it (along with red line of P3)(made is P14)
b) Stitch P4 along with it's blue line to form nose and stitch this with P14.(made is P15)
c) Stitch P8 & P10 to make both the ears. Now stitch this with P15.(made is P16)
d) Stitch P5 & P6 through center line to form front body. Now stitch this with P16.
e) Stitch two pieces each of P9 to form both the hands and fix them with P17
f) Now stitch the P11 (head back) with it.
g) Stitch two pieces of P7 to form tail and stitch with main body
h) Stitch P12 with body(towards P6 side) and P13 with it(towards P5 side)
i) Stuff with cotton and stitch the P12 & P13 to complete.
j) Put eyes, nose and fix welco pieces on both the hands, so that you can use as curtain holder.
Your first Soft Stuffed Animals Toys - Quala is ready

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