soft stuffed animals toys

Soft Stuffed Animals Toys - Santa

soft stuffed animals toys
soft stuffed animals toys

Soft Stuffed Animals Toys

Pieces Required for Stuffed Toys -
    Down load the template for the sizes of the pieces and cut the following quantity. You may change the color as per stuffed animals selected.

i) P1 - 1 no RED Color          ii) P2- 1 no WHITE
iii) P3 - 1 no LIGHT BROWN       
iv) P4 - 1 no WHITE Beard like cloth
v) P5 - 2 nos RED              vi) P6 - 2 nos WHITE
vii) P7 - 1 no WHITE          viii) P8 - 2 nos RED
ix) P9 - 1 no RED                x) P10 - 1 no RED
xi) P11 - 1 no RED             xii) P12 - 1 no WHITE
xiii) P13 - 4 no WHITE
xiv) Purchase eyes, nose and mouth piece from any craft shop suitable for stuffed animals toys
Steps for making Soft stuffed animals Toys     a) Stitch the P1 two sides marked with blue color to make the cap.
b) Join P2 & P7 by stitching on blue marked line (made piece is P14)
c) Stitch two pieces of P8 on blue marked line to form back (made P15)
d) Now stitch P5 & P6 to form left and right hand (made P16 & P17)
e) Stitch P9 & P11 on blue marked and P11 & p10 on red mark to form front lower (made P18)
f) With the help of 2 piece P13 made left and right leg (made P19 & P20)
g) Stitch P14 with P3, then P4, then P18
h) Stitch both the hands (PP16 & P17) on sides and then stitch back (P15)
i) Stuff the cotton and stitch the bottom piece (P12)
j) Put eyes, nose and mouth
    Stitch some strap for hanging, if required. Your first Soft Stuffed Animals Toys is ready

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