soft stuffed animals toys

Soft Stuffed Animals Toys - Sqarel

soft stuffed animals toys
soft stuffed animals toys

Soft Stuffed Animals Toys

Pieces Required for Stuffed Toy -
    Down load the template for the sizes of the pieces and cut the following quantity. You may change the color as per your stuffed animals selected.

i) P1 - 1 no designer cloth
ii) P2- 1 no WHITE
iii) P3 - 1 no designer cloth
iv) P4 - 1 no designer cloth
v) P5 - 2 nos WHITE
vi) P6 - 2 nos designer cloth
Vii) P7 - 1 no WHITE
viii) eyes and mouth from any craft size as per stuffed animals toys selected

Steps for making Soft stuffed animals Toys     a) Stitch the P1 & P4 pieces along the line marked blue.
b) Stitch P7 with P1 and P2 with P4 along the line marked red
c) Stitch P5 & P6 after and fill few cotton to make ears
d) Stitch the ears with main body (you may have to adjust a bit)
e) Stitch the P3 (tail).
f) Stuff the cotton and stitch the bottom piece (on blue lines)
j) Put eyes and mouth
Your first Soft Stuffed Animals Toys - Sqarel is ready

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