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Book Preface

Book Preface

It is often heard, that developing a web site is quite easy. You can get lots of free tutorial and e-book through internet. It sounds very interesting, but most of the internet sites and books provide only the partial knowledge and one has to consult at least 3-4 books and do lots of hit and trial for complete web development. Publishing on internet is another issue. In fact developing a site is really easy, but developing a good site takes time and experience. The programming language and trick are explained in this book. But you have to have good content, experience and visualization to develop a great site.

This book covers all most all the main topics of web development, right from basics to the advance commands. This should be sufficient for development of web sites. Generally all options are not used in one web page. It depends upon your web page style and content. I suggest that you practice all the tag and commands explained in this book and then use the required once.

Furthermore, the development of a web site is not enough, but your web site should be visible to different search engine and it should be search engine friendly. There are millions of sites available on internet and if you want that your site should be listed during the web search, then it should be search engine friendly and you should submit it to all major search engines. Some earning through internet is another issue. By the end of this book, you will be having at least 2 web pages developed, linked together and ready for up-load.


a) This book is basically written for the purpose of practical use and does not cover all theoretical commands and explanations. Furthermore, it may happen that, some of the command / tag explained in this book is not supported by any browser or HTML version. However, with an alternate command / tag (explained in the book), you will be able to get the desired result.

b) All efforts have been made to provide the correct information in this book. However, we do not take any guarantee / responsibility for the same and cannot be made responsible for any mistake or any loss arising due to the same.

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