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Start a Web Page

1.3 - Basic Web Page: (Page 1/5)    

Multiple languages like HTML /HTM /XHTML /PHP etc. are available but HTML is the most commonly used language. As stated earlier, the web page is always displayed in a predefined format / style. Therefore, for making any web page we require content as well as a style. In view of this there are basically two component of a web page

- Main content including Images, video etc.
- Style of the web page

The simplest form of web page is a single file having 'html' extension (e.g. index.html). In the same file the 'web style' is also defined (further explained in Part - III). This is good till you are having a small and simple page. A web site, which is having multiple features and pages, require a separate file for 'Style', known as 'Cascading Style Sheet' (file with '.css' extension). Furthermore for better management it's advisable to have a separate folder for images and a separate 'style sheet'. Therefore a standard web page will have the following 2 files and one folder.

File 1 HTML / HTM (index.html)
File 2 Style Sheet (style.css)
Folder Images (folder having images / video / animations etc.)

NOTE: As a standard practice, it is advisable to use the 'lower case' for file name, tags and commands. In many cases the 'upper case' is not same as 'lower case' i.e. 'XYZ' is not equal to 'xyz'.

1.3.1- Construction of HTML file: HTML is the main file of a web page which contains all information about the content. The basic structure of HTML file can be divided in the 3 sections.

i) Declaration of Documents Type and start of HTML: To facilitate the browser to understand the command as desired, it is important to declare 'document type' in the beginning of web page. All HTML page should start with declaration of document type. After document type declaration, the page starts with <html> tag and ends with </html> tag.
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