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How to make HTML Forms

Chapter - 10 : Using Form Feed (How to make HTML Forms): (Page 1/7)

Many times it's required to get the Input from viewer e.g. Feed Back Form / Enquiry / Order etc. Some times inputs are taken for utilization in some other web page. There are various types of input formats are available in Form tag. It may be noted that all inputs are required to be given a unique name. The same 'name' is used for storing the data in Database or sending email or use in other page of web site. You can give any name.

All types of input are written within a main tag i.e. <form> and </form>. Let us say you want to design a form for taking input for 'Air Ticket Booking'.

10.1- Text Boxes: This is used to take alpha-numeric input in a single line. E.g. Name

Command: Name : <input type='text' name='yourname' size='25' maxlength='60' />

Output: Your Name :

(You may use any alpha numeric characters for giving input in text box - TRY TO WRITE IN BOX )

Maximum Length of Input: The maxlength=' ' This indicates the max characters allowed for name input. The command will force the box to stop scrolling the text over when it characters reaches that many numbers.

Box Size: The size=' '. The size command is for the length of Box to be displayed on screen for taking input.

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