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File Upload in HTML

Chapter - 10 : Using Form Feed (File Upload in HTML): (Page 5/7)

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10.7 - Uploading file / Images: This is also a type of Form input, through which your user can upload the files to your server. This is frequently used for uploading Resume, Photo etc.

Command: Upload File:
<input type='file' />
<input type='hidden' name='max_file_size' value='100' />

(You can also restrict the max size of file to be uploaded by defining the max size. The value is in kb (kilo bites)
Output: Upload File:

10.8- Submit: Now what ever you have entered as input will be captured through submit button.

Command: <input type='submit' value='submit' />


10.9- Reset Buttons: This button is provided to facilitate your visitor to clear the form and re-enter, if required.

Command: <input type='reset' value='reset' />


Clicking on this button will clear the form entries.

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File Upload in HTML
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