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Form in HTML

Chapter - 10 : Using Form Feed (Form in HTML): (Page 7/7)

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ii) Action: This element defines the location of the web page / script that will process this form. In our above example it is 'sam.html' page of our web site.

10.11- Form Legend And Grouping of input: Form Input can be grouped in a box with a main heading by the tag 'fieldset' and 'legend'. This tag will make a box around the input and show the heading of form section.


<legend>Address :</legend>
House No: <input type='text' size='10' /><br />
Street Name: <input type='text' size='50' /><br /> </fieldset>


Address : House No:
Street Name:

Note : This is written inside a 'form' tag' with other commands.

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