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Windows HTML Codes

Chapter - 11 : Using Additional Frames / Windows (Windows HTML Codes): (Page 2/6)

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ii) Frames divided by Rows: Let us say, we want to divide the window in two fixed rows and row_a is the height of Row-1 and row_b is height of Row-2

Command: <frameset rows = 'row_a, row_b'>
<frame src = 'new_1.gif' name = 'photo'>
<frame src = 'new.html' name = 'new_site'></framset>

Output: HTML Codes for windows The screen will split in two horizontal half as per FIG 11.2. The top row is showing a photo and 2nd row a web page.

Note : Same as column the rows can also be defined
i) Row 1 & Row 2 can be in % also e.g.
<frameset rows = '30%, 70%'>
ii) You can even fix the height of Row 1 & rest space for Row 2 e.g.
<frameset rows = '200, *'>
iii) The window can be divided in any no of Rows

Tips: As explained in case of column set and row set, any number of combinations can be used in this.

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Windows HTML Codes
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