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What is CSS Style Sheet

PART - III Cascading Style Sheet 'CSS': (Page 1/5)

In Previous chapters we have seen the commands of HTML file. However some of the required Style Sheet commands were also discussed. Now we will practice some basic command of Cascading Style Sheet. This file is always saved as '.css' extension and linked to main HTML file.

Note : One Style sheet can be linked to many HTML file.

The CSS file is used to define the Color, Font, Background image, location of a Division etc. The use of CSS can change the complete look of your web site and make it professional. In case of HTML, the commands are written within the symbol '<>' and in case of CSS the commands are enclosed within '{ }.

As explained in the chapter 1.0, there are following three types of Style Sheets

* External style sheet
* Internal style sheet
* Inline style

The commands are common for all types of Style Sheet and you can even use all three types of Style Sheet or any combination in one Web Page.

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