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Division in html

2.3- Division in html:

This is represented by a 'div' statement. This is basically an invisible box type of space in your web page, whose location, size, color etc. is defined in the 'style sheet'. Many web developers use this to design / format the complete web page.

The division tag can have multiple other tags inside it and even another division tag can also be included inside a 'div' tag. The 'division' is defined by a specific name known as 'id'. Refer our style sheet (defined in exercise-2), where we have mentioned various id like Division in htmlcenter, Division in htmlleft etc. (these are known as 'id' in Style Sheet)

Now in HTML file, whatever is defined (content / images) between <div id='center'> and </div> tag, will appear on the location and style, defined in style sheet as 'Division in htmlcenter'.

<div id='center'>
Your content

Here 'center' is just a name and it can be any name like left, right, ram, shyam etc.

Now you can understand, div html what we have written in our index.html and style.css files in previous chapter.

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