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Chapter - 25 : Vertical Navigation Bar: (Page 2/4)

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Now we will make it more beautiful by introducing some background image. Lets say we have one image name 'link.gif' of size 200px * 25px in our image folder. Now change the 'li' command in our style sheet.

li {background-image:url('images/link.gif');
width:180px; height:25px;}


Not looking very impressive. Lets add some margin to 'li'
li {background-image:url('images/link.gif');
width:180px; height:25px; margin:6px;}

and some space before the link text, by modifying text in HTML as below.

Command: (in HTML file): <ul>
<li>      <a href='home.html'>Home</a></li>
<li>      <a href='contact.html'>Contact Us</a></li>
<li>      <a href='about.html'>About Us</a></li>


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