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How to Open a Web Site

Part - IV Launching of Web Site
Chapter - 26 : Validation and Optimization: (Page 1/5)

Many times it is observed that a web page look perfectly OK on web browser, but technically it may be having multiple issues. If a web page is made just for fun, validation and optimization does not matter. However, since you have read up to this point that means you are sincere. A web page should follow the web standard and it should be search engine friendly.

26.1- Validation: Validating is the process to ensure that the pages on the website conform to the standards defined by various organizations. Since now a days there are variety of browsers are available and HTML can be written in many ways. Due to this some times the web page is seen differently in different browser. Efforts are being made to evolve a common standard. At present World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) founded by Tim Berners-Lee is widely used.

Any web page can be tested for W3C standard by visiting the site validator.w3.org.

Furthermore, there is lots of valuator available online. You may choose any one to validate your web page for errors (fortunately most of them are free). Validation only verifies that your web page is technically correct as per HTML and CSS requirement. It does not confirm any thing about, your content, web page appearance or page ranking etc.

Advantages of validation:
i) Conforming to Standards: This ensures that your web page (both HTML and CSS) are as per norms and standard defined. You have to use separate validation process for HTML and CSS.

ii) Cross-Browser Compatibility: As explained in previous chapter also, it is possible that your page looks perfectly OK in one browser but differently in other. Validating your page to ensure that all tags and commands are used properly will reduce this possibility.

iii) Spelling Mistakes: A valuator cannot check the commonly confused word like center and centre, but it will found out if there is any mistake in tag / commands. If your <head> is misspelled as <head>, it will point it out and correction of these types of mistake is very important for page look and search engine optimization.

iv) Search Engine Ranking: Many search engines penalize you for not following the standard and your ranking may go down.

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