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HTML Validation

Chapter - 26 : HTML Validation and Optimization: (Page 2/5)

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v) Broken Links: If there is a broken link then, a search engine may ignore rest of the page. Therefore checking of broken link is very important.

vi) Some very basic mistakes are -

a) Command tags are written in BOLD letters.

b) Nesting error : As explained earlier the command comes first should close at the last e.g.
. <div id='left'>
<font size='3'> Your Text </div>
This has nesting error. This should be
<div id='left'>
<font size='3'> Your Text </font>

c) An end slash (/) is missing after 'img' , keyword, description tag.
<img src='images/logo.gif' alt='logo'>
This should be
<img src='images/logo.gif' alt='logo' />

d) Missing semicolon (;) after special character
Writing & in place of & etc.

e) End tag is found but starting tag (e.g. <div>, <p> etc.) are missing.

f) End Tags (e.g. </div>, </body> </font> etc.) are missing.

g) The essential tags are misspelled (e.g. <head> in place of <head>

h) Hash (HTML Validation) sign missing before the Hex Code for color
Writing ff0000 in place of HTML Validationff0000 etc.

g) Inverted comma (') missing before and after a value declared in tag
Writing <font size=3> in place of <font size='3'>

For complete validation, you definitely require software (purchase / free version). However, you need not worry. Keeping above in mind, you can always develop a small web site.

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