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What is Optimization

Chapter - 26 : Validation and Optimization: (Page 3/5)

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26.2- Optimization: After validation the next stage is Optimization. Optimization does not consider the look of the site. It only goes through the content. An un-optimized site is also seen beautifully in the web browser, but only thing that it is not Search Engine Friendly. Therefore the Optimization is basically improving you page visibility to the search engine with relevant focus.

As you are aware, there are millions of site on internet and most of our visitor reaches to us through search engine. If our site is not properly designed then it is possible that our probable visitor will never reach us.

Many search engines rates your page based on inbound links to your web page, the relevance w.r.t. to a particular key word.

NOTE: Never try to fool the search engine by playing tricks. This will not work in long term.

i) Search Engine Rating: After going through your site, most of the search engine rates your site for a particular key word. When some one searches for a particular word, then as per the rating the site appear on 1st / 2nd .. page of particular search engine.

We have already explained the title, meta keyword, description, link text, alt attribute etc. in previous chapter. Now we will discuss, how these things are used to boost your site.

ii) Key Word: Before going further we have to decide that what our key word is. Key Word is the word our visitors are likely to use to find our site on internet. Please be sure that the keywords are relevant to the content on your page.

There are lot of Search Engine Optimization Software are available (some of them are free) and you may use any of them for the purpose. However here I will explain the basics of the same to help you to optimize your web page and your page will be almost Search Engine Friendly.

Let us say is our site is for
'JOJO' an online game

Now your many visitors does not know about the 'JOJO', but they want to play on-line game (some of them might know also about JOJO). Following are the expected key phrase they will be typing on search engine

JOJO game
Online games
Play online games

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