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Optimization Methods

Chapter - 26 : Validation and Optimization Methods: (Page 4/5)

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You cannot write all the above phrases in your page, but you can optimize it in such a way that all combinations are available. Search engines are cable of making the various combinations. We will try to use these key words effectively in our page.

Warning: Do not repeat your keyword to much, otherwise it will be treated as spanning and you may be penalized by search engines. You must show the prominence of your keyword, but effectively.

iii) Important Points for Optimization: The following are very important points to be considered to boost your search engine ranking.

a) Title Tag: This is the first line appears in the listing in Bold letters. This should start of the title tag with some combination of your Key Word. Avoid using stop words like a, an, the etc. in title tag.

Command: <title>Jojo Play online - Games play online</title>

b) Meta Keyword: This is not seen by visitors during listing, but used by most of the search engine. Use combination of your key word in this tag. Do not use too many keywords, otherwise key word prominence will go down. 4 to 6 key word s or phrases are optimum.

Command: <meta name='keywords' content='jojo play online, online games, games to play online' />

Make some logical phrases of your key word and place them separated by a comma(,).

c) Meta Description: This is the description appears in the listing on second line and important for search engine. Write a brief (about 20 - 25 word) description of your site using some of the key word. Describe your web page. Write it in such a way that it looks like a genuine description and use your key phrases 1-2 times in the sentence.

Command: <meta name='description' content='Online game JOJO launched. Play online JOJO games for free. How to play jojo online games.' />

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