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Chapter - 28 : Website Promotion

Let us see some basic reason for developing a web site.

- To promote online business
- To do publicity
- To share our knowledge
- To be in touch with world
- And many more reasons

Our targeted visitors are, those whom we cannot meet in persons and in-fact we do not know, who they are. They may be in any part of the world and more than 99.9% are unknown. Then how to reach them?

Here comes the role of search engines & directories. All most all web users uses one or the other search engine or directory to find a web site of their interest. If your web site is not listed there, then practically it does not exist.

Many global search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. automatically crawl the web periodically to find out any web page addition / deletion / modification. But many search engines and most of the Directories do not do that. Therefore it is very important to get our web site register in their database. There are hundreds of search engines and you can get the list from internet.

Do not wary for registration expanses. Many directories ask for 'yearly or one time charges' for listing, but fortunately most of the major search engine and directory are free with full features. There are many directories / sites, which include your web site for exchange of reciprocal link.

Reciprocal link: This is a link placed in your web site for the other site so that visitor can move to other site from your site. In response to this the other site owner places a link in his web site for your web site. This is also helpful in improving the search engine rating.

There is software available in the market for automatic submission. But if you have some time, you can do it manually and this is more effective. Website Promotion © funandhobby.com (Website Promotion)