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Video Cotrol in HTML

Chapter - 7 : Video / Flash in web page (Video Cotrol in HTML): (Page 3/3)

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7.3- Video Controls:
a) Auto start: With a command autostart='true', you can start your video on page load. In case of autostart='false', the video will only start after the mouse click.

b) Auto-Repeat: You may even define, weather the video will play repeatedly or only once by the 'loop' command.
Let's say your video name is movie.avi and it's kept in images folder. The various commands for start / stop etc are

i) <embed src='images/movie.avi' width='100%' height='60' align='center' autostart='false' />
In this case the video will start on mouse click and stop on mouse click.

ii) <embed src='images/movie.avi' autostart='true' hidden='false' loop='false'>
In this case the video will automatically start and will not repeat.

iii) <embed src='images/movie.avi' autostart='true' hidden='false' loop='true'>
In this case the video will automatically start and repeat.

iv.) You can also set the volume of your audio track. It should be between 0 to 100
<embed src='images/movie.avi' autostart='true' hidden='false' loop='true' valume='50' >
Valume='50' means the volume will be 50% of the max volume.

v) You can also fix the total size of the movie for the screen.
<embed src='images/movie.avi' autostart='true' hidden='false' loop='true' height='200' width='200' >
In this case the video will be displayed in the size '200' * '200' px. .

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