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Link in HTML

Chapter - 8 : Linking to Other Web Page or Web Site (Link in HTML): (Page 1/4)

If you are having more than one web page, then it is basic requirement that your visitor moves through the different pages freely. Sometimes you may like to move to other web site or even within the single page itself. The tag used to provide this feature is known as linking tag. (To test the link to other web site, you require internet connection). All the linking command starts with <a> and finishes with </a>

8.1- Linking through TEXT: You can link through any text of your web page. When the visitor clicks on the defined text, he will move to the linked page The basic link command -

<a href='http://www.funandhobby.com/'> your text </a>

This will take you to http://www.funandhobby.com. You should always write the complete web address. If you are linking to the pages of your own web site, then the complete address (http://www... etc.) is not required. However, in this case also, if the file is in different folder, then define that address. If you want to move to sample.html file (placed in same folder) of your web site then the following both command will work.

<a href='http://www.yoursite.com/sample.html'> your text </a>
<a href='sample.html'> your text </a>

If you want to move to test.html file (placed in different folder, say 'new') of your web site then the following both command will work.

<a href='http://www.yoursite.com/new/test.html'> your text </a>
<a href='new/test.html'> your text </a>

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