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Link Color in HTML

Chapter - 8 : Linking to Other Web Page (Link Color in HTML): (Page 2/4)

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i) Link Colors: The text which is being used as link text can be defied with different color. To give the importance to the link, any web color can be used for linking test.

<body link='red'>
Here all the link text will be displayed in 'red' color.

Furthermore, to differentiate between the link already visited and link not visited, you may also define the link color of visited link and active link separately.

<body link='red' alink='red' vlink='yellow'>
alink = Active link
vlink = Visited link
(Various link decorations are discussed in detail in Chapter 21.0)

ii) Target in new Tab: The above command will open the targeted web page in the same window. Therefore if you want to open the linked page in a new window, then add the command target='blank' as follows

<a href='http://www.funandhobby.com/' target='blank'> your text </a>
This will open the target link in a new window.

8.2- Linking through picture: The other web page can also be linked through an image. When the visitor clicks on the defined image, he will move to the linked page. Let us say that you have a picture 'logo.gif'. in your images folder.

<a href='http://www.funandhobby.com/'><img src='images/logo.gif' /></a>

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