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HTML Definition Lists

Chapter - 9 : Inserting HTML Lists (HTML Definition Lists): (Page 2/2)

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The sl no 1,2,3 ... comes as default numbers. In place of this we can eve use 'I' or 'i ' or 'A' or 'a' by using the command 'type' as shown below.
Command: <ol type='I'>
<li> Bangalore </li>

Output: I. Delhi
II. Bangalore
III. Lucknow

Command: <ol type='A'>
<li> Bangalore </li>

A. Delhi
B. Bangalore
C. Lucknow

9.3- HTML Definition Lists: This is used to display the list title and other information. A definition list is defined by <dl> & </dl> tag. Within the 'dl' tag <dt> defines the heading of list and <dd> defines the list of items.

Command: <dl><dt>Name of Capitals</dt>
<dd>- Delhi</dd>
<dd>- Bangalore</dd>
<dd>- Lucknow</dd></dl>

Name of Capitals
- Delhi
- Bangalore
- Lucknow

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