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Code HTML Form

Exercise - 10.1 (using form - Code HTML Form):

Open sample.html file in 'Note Pad' and type the following in between <div id='right2'> and </div> tag.

<font size='4' color='Code HTML Formff0000'><u>Order Form</u></font><br /><br />
<form method="post" action='sam.html'>
Your Name :
<input type='text' name='yourname' size='25' maxlength='60' /> <br />
Sex :
Male <input type='radio' name='sex' />
Female <input type='radio' name='sex' />
<br />
Order for books :
Sky JOJO <input type='checkbox' name='book' value='Sky JOJO' />
Fighter JOJO <input type='checkbox' name='book' value='Fighter JOJO' />
Water JOJO <input type='checkbox' name='book' value='Water JOJO' /> <br />
Address : <br />
<textarea name='address' rows='5' cols='50'></textarea><br />
Dispatch by mode :
<select name='mode'>
<option selected='selected'>By Air</option>
<option>By Post</option>
<option>BY Courier</option>
<br /> <br />
<input type='submit' value='submit' />
<input type='reset' value='reset' />

Save and click on sample.html. CodeYour web page right portion will look like FIG- 10.1
Code HTML Form
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