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Picture to HTML

Exercise - 5.1 (Inserting Picture to HTML)    

Exercise - 5.1 (Inserting Picture) Make two images by the name fun1.gif & fun2.gif of size approx 150 * 150 px. and place in the images folder.

Open the sample.html in Note pad and place the following in between <div id='center2'> and </div>
<img src='images/fun1.gif' style='float:left' alt='' />
<img src='images/fun2.gif' style='float:right' alt='' />
<font size='4' color='red'>
<b><u>Fun Games Site</u></b></font>
<br /><br />
<font size='3' color='blue'>Fun Games are informal Game played during Picnic, Birthday, anniversary parties. With slight innovation any activity can be converted into game. These <b>fun Games</b> are very interesting and joyful. <i> These fun Game </i>does not have any standard rule, but it's very important to frame and define the Game' rule in advance otherwise the joy of game will be turned into controversy.
<br /></font>
Happy Gaming

HTML 'img' tags are used to insert two images and balance command to insert text with some decorations.

Save the file and click on the sample.html. Center portion of your web page will look like FIG- 5.10
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