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HTML Hyperlink

Exercise : 8.1 (Linking to other web page / site, HTML Hyperlink)

Now we will link this page (index.html) to the other page i.e. sample.html

For linking through make an image by name 'click.gif' and place in 'images' folder. Open the index.html in 'Note Pad' and write the following command in <div id='right'> just after the finishing of </table> tag.

<br />
<a href='sample.html'>For Enquiry Click Here</a>
<a href='sample.html'><img src='images/click.gif'></a>

Save the file and click on the 'index.html'. Relevant portion will look like FIG- 8.1


<br /> will take you to the next line
<a href='sample.html'>For Enquiry Click Here</a> will make a text link
<a href='sample.html'><img src='images/click.gif'></a> will make a image link

HTML Hyperlink
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