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Introduction to Web Application

1.2 - Introduction to Web Design: (Page 1/3)    

A Web Page is required to present your content on internet and to take input from your user in a systematic manner and Web Design is linking of various tasks to create interlinked pages of web site using different languages and content. Unlimited options are available in web design and it complicacy depends on the requirement of web site owner.

There are basically two types of Web Page

i) Static Page: This type of web page is mainly used to present the information to viewer for reading purpose. The content of page does not change by itself and only the web master can change it by changing the source file.

ii) Dynamic Page: The output of this type of pages can be changed by giving some input by the user. Many times the output of this type of pages keeps on changing without the intervention of the user. This type of pages uses active script like java etc. The web page can be written in many language and formats. A web site can have any combination of the language and script depending upon the requirement.

The following are main languages and scripts used in web design.

a) Markup Language: (HTML, XHTML etc.): HTML (Hyper Text Markup language) is not a programming but a Markup language. It defines a logical structure and does not compute anything.

b) Style Sheet: CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to define the style / layout / decoration of a web page.

c) Dynamic script: (PHP, Asp, JavaScript etc.) These are mainly used for dynamic web page development. Script like JavaScript can make web pages very interesting and dynamic, which is not possible by markup language.

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