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Web Design Plannig

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The most important part of web design is your content and imagination. A professional look will attract your visitor and force then to stay. Therefore, before starting the actual web design, it is important to note few point, to enable developer to plan accordingly.

The following are some of the questions, which must be answered before the start of development (the list is not exhaustive).

i) Regarding the Content:
i) What is the purpose of your Web Site?
ii) Who are your target visitors?
iii) Do you expect any type of input from your visitor?
iv) Is the web page is only for information?
v) Is it loaded with images and graphics?
vi) Does it contain any copy right information?
vii) Does it require any calculation or processing of data?
viii) Is there any financial transaction?

ii) Regarding Appearance:
i) The font size should not be very small, so that it's uncomfortable to read.
ii) The color combinations: Try to use few basic colors only, because some of the terminals do not differentiate the finer differences between colors.
iii) Do not try to use the all width of screen (some web site even goes beyond the screen width; I do not know, why?). Moving your head from left to right to read the content is painful.
iv) Even if your web page is static, try to use some animated images to make page live.
v) Develop easy navigational links to all your web pages.

NOTE: In this book, we have explained the command and code of HTML and CSS for development of web page.
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