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What is Sub Domain

Chapter - 27 : Domain / Sub Domain Name & Uploading Your Website: (Page 1/2)

Now you have made a web site and optimized it. But till now it is in your computer and not available for others. The next step is to upload it on a server, so that it's available for the whole world. For trial or fun, there are lot of sources available on internet, which will host your small site for free. In this chapter, we will discuss the issue, as if we are going to have it in our name.

27.1 - Website name (Domain name): The web site name is known as 'Domain' name. As explained in the introduction, the whole world is connected in web and therefore all the sites are required to have a unique name. This is controlled by the registration of Domain name. If you want a 'Domain name' for your site, you have to register it in your own name and there is a charge for the same.

The website name can have following extensions (the .com is the most popular)

.com         .in         .co.in         .org         .net
.co.uk         .info         .asia         .mobi         .bz
.biz         .ind.in         and many more

Note: yourname.com is different for yourname.in

The web names are allotted centrally, but you can approach through various sites.
- First check the availability of site name
- Make the payment (you have to option for making payment for 1 year / 2 year and so on. (since the name is registered for a period and not for life time)

Sub-Domain Name : This is name within a Domain name and free. The no of sub-domain you can have depends upon the web host / hosting plan you have taken. This is represented by

yourname.com is your web site name. 'subname' is just an example of sub-domain name, you can have any name.

Now a days, you can register a domain name for approximately $10 / year.

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What is Sub Domain
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