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Chapter - 27 : Domain Name & Uploading Your Website (Web Server Space): (Page 2/2)

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27.2-Web Space: After getting the Domain Name, you require a web space on a web server to host your site. Web space is nothing but a storage space on any web server. There are plenty of them is available and it may cost you approximately $10/year for 500 MB space.

Since you web host has to configure the web space for you, therefore while booking for the web space you require a domain name. After allotting a web space your web host will provide you various information including your username and password.

27.3- Launching the site: After having the Domain name and web space, the next is uploading your files to the server.

Important: You must name your main HTML / HTM as index.html before uploading. The Web browser reads index.html file (placed in root directory) as yourname.com

You can upload the file with the help of 'ftp' or 'control panel'. Now a days may control panels are available and the same can be accessed by

http://www.yourname.com/cpanel :

This will prompt for username and password (received by you from your web host). Provide the same and you are logged to the web server. With menu driven control panel you can easily upload your web site. Web Server Space © funandhobby.com (Web Server Space)