'How to Make clay Pot Craft'

1. Material Preparation :-    First step to make model is material preparation. Take waste NEWS
paper and cut into small pieces of aprrox size 3*3 cm. Put in a mug filled with water for about one day. Mash it properly and mix with small amount of glue (diluted glue). Now mix this
in the ration of 70%-30% with potter's clay. Use this mixture (we will call it paste)
for making the clay model as per step-4 .(Fig-A)

2. For making a Big Flower pot of size approx 90 cm(as shown in main
figure), make two halves as shown in Fig-B. You may use waste corrugated
box sheet or Hard card sheet (dafti)for this purpose.
3. Reinforce it with the help of few more pieces of hard card sheet
and tie up with thin metal wire.(Fig-C).
4. Cover both the halves with the paste made in step-1.(do not cover the base)Fig-D.

5. Press the paste (by putting one hand inside the frame to avoid damage)
to ensure compactness and proper adhesion.
6. Leave it for 2-3 days to dry completely in sun light. Turn up side down to
both the halves and in one half make the upper ring with paste. (Fig-E)
Don't cover the mouth.

     FIG- A           FIG- B          FIG- C         FIG- D          FIG- E

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7. Take the second half and make the base with paste. Make it slightly thick to make the model stable.(Fig-F)
8. The halves made in the step 6 & 7 are required to dry completely, before going for next step.
9. Put the two halves on one another as shown in Fig-G
10. Join these two halves with paste. Make two handles of thick metal wire and cover with paste. Fix it with your model as per Fig-H.
11. Let it dry completely. Paint with oil black paint.
12. You will find 'Silver' and "Golden' powder in any craft shop to give it metal finish. Purchase very small amount (may be one very small packet).

13. Apply the powder with the help of clear varnish.(Fig-I)
14. Decorate with flowers.
     Surprisingly you will note that the weight of a 90 cm height model is less than 2 kg.
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     FIG- F                   FIG- G                FIG- H                 FIG- I
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